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The League of Nigeria Bicyclists is a Non-Governmental Organization established to amongst other things reintroducing the cycling culture to the Nigeria citizenry as a veritable tool for promoting physical wellness, Bicycle Tourism and resolving the societal challenges of mobility, recreation and environmental degradation.

It is common knowledge today; environmental challenges such as flood, Acid Rain and other devastating phenomenon are traceable to Global Warning, a condition triggered by a phenomenon known as the Green House Effect. This phenomenon is the absorption and retention of heat by the atmosphere due to the presence of Gaseous waste present in the atmosphere known as green House Emissions...

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The Cycling Culture

Everyday, on the street and on the track, we cycle through hurdles, harnessing energies, cultures, environment and people.

Our Motivation

The depletion of the human environment by global warming. At the moment, motorized transportation (MT) currently accounts for 23% of total greenhouse emissions in the aerosphere.

Our Propsal

The use of non motorized transortation for the Nigerian citizenry as a more environmentally friendly means of transportation.

Our Strategy

The deployment of utility bicycles for use by Nigerians. Embarking on enlightenment campaigns to educate the Nigerian citizenry about the environment, its preservation and the need for cycling as a more environmentally friendly means of transportation...

Our Expectations

To add value to humanity. To preserve the Nigerian and African environments. To bring Nigeria and Africa to the front line globally in environmental preservation...

Our Target

To establish a minimum OF one thousand (1000) bicycle friendly communities in Nigeria and to get all Nigerians fully environmentally enlightened by the year 2030. To replicate same in all African Nations by the year 2050...



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Our Vision

We preserve your world and take you to your desired haven on; one-world, 2 wheels.

Our Mission

The League is a world that unites the 250 Nigerian Languages in a Trek.NG plus Walk, Bike-Movement.


  • Iboro William

    A great start to healthy life!

    I have never underestimated the unmetered benefits of a "green society"; This, the League of Bicyclists Nigeria is promoting via innovative green technologies with significant impact on the overall health of Humans and Animals.

  • Uduak Daniel

    Very professional coaches

    Not only do these set of Professional Bicyclists give their best at competitions, they have experienced Coaches who are actively engaged in the training and mentorship of upcoming Cyclists.

  • Dr. Kingsley John

    The Environmentalists!

    The team at League of Bicyclist Nigeria is a formidable one! The Coaches, Cyclists and Trainees. The most astonishing attribute they share is the common zeal to keep our Environment green and safe for Humans and Animals.



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  • LBN Kits
  • Personalized Instruction
  • Personal Training
  • Coaching Services


  • LBN Kits
  • Personalized Instruction
  • Personal Training
  • Coaching Services


  • LBN Kits
  • Personalized Instruction
  • Personal Training
  • Coaching Services