We are building strong Cyclists State-wide

The National Safe Bicyclist Certification Curriculum NSBCC, formerly known as the Nationwide Super Bicyclist Program NSBP, developed in part 5 years ago was revised, but re-launched in 2014. The up-to-date version can be adopted by any state and is very user friendly. The Safe Bicyclists Certification Program is designed for fourth and fifth grade students and comes in 15 discrete lessons, each at least 15 minutes in duration. Teachers can be certified to teach it in three or six hours (depending on the level of certification), making it accessible to most sports committee coaches in colleges, universities and or physical education teachers in higher schools.

The classes, which are designed and segmented into several batches and categories from strength training to rules of the road, and the hand-outs, are provided in pictorial graphics, cartoon, vernacular and English. The topics are age-appropriate for 9 and 10 year olds and above, includes helmet fit, repairs of flat tires, and safe bicycling skills. The classes will be taught through interactive games, to promote fun and active learning.

Mr. Bicycle is happy to report that they will be reaching hundreds and thousands of students annually through this strategy. We will conduct a survey report of our certified teacher in states each year to receive the bicycle safety message through these teachers based on our survey. The Safe Cyclist program will certify an estimate of 2 per schools, physical education teachers, coaches and community youth workers in Nigeria. The program will works for teachers coaches and students alike.