The League of Nigeria Bicyclists is a Non-Governmental Organization established to amongst other things reintroducing the cycling culture to the Nigeria citizenry as a veritable tool for promoting physical wellness, Bicycle Tourism and resolving the societal challenges of mobility, recreation and environmental degradation. It is common knowledge today; environmental challenges such as flood, Acid Rain and other devastating phenomenon are traceable to Global Warning, a condition triggered by a phenomenon known as the Green House Effect. This phenomenon is the absorption and retention of heat by the atmosphere due to the presence of Gaseous waste present in the atmosphere known as green House Emissions.

The devastating consequences of global warming have made the pursing of environmental preservation a priority concern the world over Developing and Developed National alike are in frantic pursuit of creative solutions to combat this phenomenon. Nigeria exposure to Green House Emission and the Green House Effect cannot be over emphasized given her population, enterprise, and Industrialization drive. To this end, the Nigerian Government, Civil Organization, Instructions of Higher Learning and Non-Governmental Organizations within Nigeria have in consonance with Global Trends, joining the Campaign on Environmental Preservation.

The World Health Organization has sighted vehicular activity as a significant contributor to Green House Emissions globally. Their Research reveals that over 30% of these Emissions are generated from automobile combustibles. They have sighted other demerits of vehicular activity to include:

1) The generation of toxic emissions detrimental to human health.

2) The deprivation of users of the much needed physical activity necessary for physical fitness and well-being.

3) The delineation/disconnection of its users from the environment.

On this premise therefore the LNB in furtherance of global efforts towards environmental preservation proposes the ‘BYCICLE FRIENDLY COMMUNITY PROJECT’ to the Nigerian society as a means of alleviating the peculiar environmental concerns of Nigeria and the World at large. The project is targeted at making Nigeria a Bicycle Friendly Nation by establishing Bicycle Friendly Communities. Incorporate the uses of bicycles as a more environmental friendly means of mobility.

This project will entail the deployment of utility bicycles for use by the Nigerian citizenry and the development of safe, serene and functional environment for the effective operation of the project. For purposes of control and effective management the project will be domiciled within restricted and regulated communities.

The proposed Bicycle Friendly Community Project will seek to address the follows concerns:

A. Raise the status of cycling as a vocation, promoting its recognition by highlighting related benefits for both the individuals and society.

B. Increasing and enriching our tourism industry by capturing cycling as a critical content to our tourism potentialities.

C. Exploring the relatively greater affordability, penetration advantage of the bicycle in community policing.

D. Promoting and projecting the bicycles as a more environmental friendly means of mobility considering the several challenges associated with poisonous emission from combustibles machinery.

E. Promoting a wider ranging culture of cycling sports on a bid to taking its several health benefits to the people.

F. Promoting the bicycle vehicle and it appurtenances as the minimum technology in our local automobile manufacturing, research and development.

G. Reinventing the bicycle vehicle as a preferred handy transportation alternative.

H. Lead the pace in the introduction of bicycling/wheels sport in the Nigerian school’s sports curriculum.

I. Generate such programs a leading warehouse to stimulate, promote cycling games sportsmanship in Nigeria.

J. Partner with relevant stakeholders in developing initiatives as may be in the interest of the State and the overall development of man and its environment. We are confident that this effort towards making Nigeria a Bicycle Friendly State will grossly add value to the lives of the Nigerian citizenry and put Nigeria a par with key players in Environmental preservation.