1. To accomplish the status of cycling as a way of life and promote its recognition by highlighting its related benefits for both the individuals and society.
  2. To promote our tourism activities by taking cycling as a day to day activity.
  3. To promote and project bicycle as a more environmental friendly means of mobility.
  4. To promote skills acquisition programs within and outside Nigeria in other to promote cycling games as sport among the youths and the aged for sound health, fitness and well-being.
  5. To promote and foster the advancement of support services in wheels and cycling sports.
  6. To promote and execute its positive ideals/programs within the confines of the Nigeria bicycle master plan.
  7. To promote and operate as a cycling organization, that creates and provides cycling for fun, fitness, recreation through advocacy.
  8. To promote bamboo cycling games/tour as a black African Traditional sporting activity of showcasing African cultural heritage.
  9. To advocate for a safe environment, clean air and the control of the devastating effects of climate change using the bicycle.
  10. To promote options in capacity and knowledge widening in wheels technology and innovations.
  11. To partner with other relevant NGO’S with similar aims and objectives in the interest of man and its environment.